Press release 2019: “Willkommen in der neuen Heimat”

Newcomers Festival, now a tradition for the city of Frankfurt, is held annually since 2001 on the first Sunday in September in the Frankfurt town Hall, the Römer. The Newcomers Festival is an informative fair exclusively designed for the professional expats to help overcome transitional phase and cultural differences and have a smooth start in their new home.

The Newcomers Festival 2019 was a great success and attracted more than 5000 visitors from all around the world. This event had an intense medial coverage from the city of Frankfurt and several print and online media. Frankfurter Rundschau, one of the most prominent local newspapers wrote an article about the Newcomers Festival.

Wer neu in Frankfurt ist, weiß zu Beginn oft nicht, was seine neue Heimatstadt und ihre Umgebung alles für ihn bereithält. Da schafft das Newcomers Festival Abhilfe: Das am Sonntag, 20. September, stattfindende Festival bot dieses Jahr bereits zum 20. Mal Neubürgern eine Orientierungshilfe in ihrer neuen Heimat.
Newcomers Network has updated the Marketing Partnerships for our Partners and made them much more flexible and valuable.
The World Conference between Frankfurt and the partner cities was so successful and had a positive impact on the audience that attracted also the attention of several media such as RTL.
Oberbürgermeister Peter Feldmann has invited the partner cities for a digital world conference at NTT AT Deutschland in Frankfurt on 29th of May.