Newcomers Guide – Munich & Bavaria

Much of the information in these editorial sections is based on the Newcomers Guide – Welcome to Munich and Bavaria. This 100-page book contains a wealth of information about living and working in Munich and Bavaria.

Specifically targeted for the international community, the Newcomers Guide takes readers step-by-step through the process of adjusting to life in the region.

With objective editorial content, the Newcomers Guide is the “bible” for expatriates in Munich and Bavaria.

The Newcomers Guide is available in print and digital versions:

Download the intire book as an E-Book for 4,95 Euro (EPUB format for iPad, Android, etc.)

The Kindle Version is available at Amazon.

Or check out the online version of the Munich & Bavaria Newcomers Guide:

5000 visitors are expected: get your free ticket now.  The Newcomers Festival is an informative fair exclusively designed for the professional expats to help overcome transitional phase and cultural differences and have a smooth start in their new home.