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Business Meetings

The issue of negotiations is probably a good place to look at the nature of business meetings in Germany. The rules here are simple: Germans like to “get down to business” rather quickly and dispense with any special rituals.

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Slow, Steady and Detailed

Germans have managed to maintain their reputation for high-quality work even under the pinch of shorter working time – because of their tradition of thoroughness.

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The Work Day

You may already be aware that Germans are not the driven workaholics of popular legend: an eight-hour day is much more the exception than the rule in this country where the average work week only runs to 37.7 hours (but to be fair, this is very close to the western European average).

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Business Basics

Job Hunting in Germany

If you find yourself looking for a job in Germany, you should be aware of several factors which will shorten the entire process and in the end lead to more success.

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