Using the Postal System

The market for postal services in Germany has been deregulated, meaning that private companies are allowed to deliver both letters and packages.


When moving into a new apartment in Germany, most people keep the same electricity provider used by the previous tenant.

Paying TV and Radio Licensing Fees

German television and radio broadcasters are state-funded, and you, too, will have the pleasure of contributing to the system while you live here.

How to Receive English Language Programming

Your new apartment or house may already be wired with cable or a satellite receiver. In some cases, cable television fees are included with your apartment’s monthly maintenance fee.

Telephone Services

If you often call friends and family in a specific country, you should consider booking a flat rate for international calls.

Wireless Hotspots and Call-by-Call

Wireless LAN Public Access Points (or so-called Hotspots), which allow you to surf the Web away from home using your own laptop or smartphone, can be found in countless cafés, restaurants and hotels across Germany.

Choosing a Provider

You’ve found your new home, and now it’s time to get connected (along with a few other tasks). To have a fixed-line telephone installed in Germany, there are two basic options.