Having a Baby

For the last few decades, Germans have been worried about declining birth rates and increasing life expectancy and the obvious demographical problems caused by these two trends.

Hospital Stays

Should you need to go to hospital during your time here, your doctor will arrange a bed for you and find a specialist on that hospital staff to attend to your problem.

Doctors & Physicians

Very soon after becoming enrolled in a health care plan, you will receive a plastic card with a microchip, which resembles a credit card.

Sick Pay & Travel Insurance

Should you fall ill while in Germany, your employer will usually pay six weeks’ full salary; after that, the government scheme health insurer (Krankenkasse) pays a percentage of your income, up to approximately 2.887,50 per month as statutory sick pay (Krankengeld) for up to 78 weeks.

Private Medical Insurance

If your gross monthly salary is higher than 4,575 euro, you can choose to enroll in a private health insurance program.

Government Health System

Public health insurance in Germany is based on the principle of solidarity, which means that everyone’s premiums are based on the same percentage of income.