International Restaurants in Frankfurt

During my time in Frankfurt ever since I moved here 7 years ago, I learned a lot but one thing that comes to my attention almost every day: Eating and drinking has high priority in this City. Therefore, there is a huge variety of many different authentic places which you surely will not forget about so fast. Be it a simple pizza on the go or an extraordinary dining experience, below I listed some beautiful places I discovered on my journey here and ever since cannot resist and therefore revisit on a regular basis:

  1. Elia Restaurant: In a modern ambiance and an atmosphere that takes you away from everyday life an on a Mediterranean trip between Greek olive trees, Elia offers a wide range of culinary delights cooked with old traditions combined with the knowledge of modern cuisine. Such a Mediterranean experience should not be one to miss out on! The Restaurant is located in Frankfurt Gallus, not far away from the City Center.
  2. Pizzeria Montana: Original napolitana pizza!!! In the Frankfurt “Bahnhofsviertel” the hip neighborhood in Frankfurt this cool youngster pizzeria will keep you speechless. Their professional woodfire oven goes from 0 degrees to 450 degrees within a minute and therefore makes the hottest pizza in Frankfurt. They also have vegan options for our plant-based pizza lovers. A must-try!
  3. Rama V: Authentic meals from Thailand. This Restaurant is by far the best when it comes to exquisite Thai kitchen. With their different flavors and huge variety of starters, mains and dessert they enchant your palate with an atmosphere that makes your dining experience feel like you’re spending one night in Bangkok. It can be more pricey than other Thai restaurants in Frankfurt, but you can trust that it is worth every penny. It is located in the city center.
  4. Eat Doori: A fusion of Indian and German kitchen makes this restaurant a special experience like no other. Eat Doori is a hip restaurant that combines traditional Indian cuisine and gives it a German touch to create something that hasn’t been tried before. A chill out atmosphere with good food and nice cocktails for an everyday-eat-out with friends and family. It has two locations both very close to the city center. 
  5. Im Herzen Afrikas (in the heart of Africa): Walls with imaginative murals, old wooden chairs and tables and detailed lightning – the name says it all: “Im Herzen Afrikas” or “in the heart of Africa”, you undoubtedly feel like you are in the middle of Africa. With a lot of love to traditional Africa the food is very comforting and cooked in a home styled way. Furniture and food together create a very relaxed enjoyable atmosphere.
  6. Moriki: “if you look up you see no boundaries” Japanese adage. Morikis Pan-Asian cross over kitchen offers high-quality food of Japanese fusion and an experience of limitless creativity and finesse of a refreshing cuisine. In an urban casual atmosphere. The place to go for sushi lovers that also fancy a good glass (or bottle) of wine. It might be pricey, but you get your money’s worth. Very friendly service and always a satisfying experience.  Located close to the Alte Oper, in the very center of Frankfurt.